Orphaned Objects


While we live in a world that produces material goods at an overwhelming rate, one thing that has remained constant throughout history is the complexity of our human relationship to the material world.In our increasingly consumerist culture we still assign value beyond the immediate function of objects. In this current age of transience and movement, my approach investigates forms of protection and carriage.

The images depict interior (now discarded) blown objects, packaging that once safely held precious cargo. I find this type of ephemera fascinating.

The theme continues with the physicality of the work, redundant and out of date analogue film and paper

TYPE 55 Polaroid positive/ negative (expired Dec 2006)

Ilford rolled paper FB Matt discarded circa 1992.

I explored the notion of time passing, age embedded within objects and the sense of memory through impressions, shadows and reflections. Photographs of what we might broadly label as trash, waste. Unwanted and discarded beautiful items that we ignore in our habitats, yet may possibly outlive us all.